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  • We want businesses to close or offer flexible hours on Election Day

  • We want to expand the definition of VTO (Volunteer Time Off) to include Voting Time Off

  • We want companies to help employees be good citizens

Enter your name and company email and we will send an official badge and add your company as a founding member of Employers for VTO

Employers for VTO

Employers for VTO is a group of non-partisan companies committed to make voting as easy as possible for their employees.

​Member companies believe active employee citizenship through voting creates positive effects for the individual, the community and the country. To encourage employees to vote and to make it easy, we are committed to closing our offices on Election Day, November 8, 2016.

We understand the challenges created by the overlap of polling hours and work hours. For many employees, the few hours before and after work conflict with transit to and from work, family duties and work responsibilities.


We also understand many who would vote, such as the disabled and elderly, rely on help from our employees to get around. Giving employees the day off will not only give them a chance to vote. It will enable many more voices in our communities to be heard.

All employer members are non-partisan who believe in unbiased sponsorship. Members do not promote political affiliations. Nor do members encourage employees to vote one way or another.

We encourage employees to be as involved as they desire in their communities on election day. Maybe they will only vote. Maybe they will help transport to polling places those who want to vote but need need help. Maybe they will volunteer to act as election judges. We simply encourage involvement.


This simple way to do this is to make Election Day, November 8, 2016 a holiday.


We will close our offices for the day. We will clearly explain why. We might even offer a small incentive for those who return on Wednesday with the ever-popular "I Voted!" sticker.


It's simple. It doesn't cost a dollar. And when you commit to join us and sign-up, you get this awesome graphic you can post on your website or print and put in your window.


Join today and make a difference in the lives of your employees, in your community and in the world. 



Join Employers for VTO and we will send you the Badge that can be used in your marketing and to notify your clients about closing or having limited hours on November 8th.

The Employers for VTO badge can create a multitude of opportunities for your business. It tells your customers about the values of your business. It shows you care about your employees and your customers' community.

It's also a great conversation starter with potential clients or vendors.


Read more about the benefits of the badge, here

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