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Employers for VTO

This about page is a little different.  It’s about an idea, not a company or a person.

An idea that says positive change starts with those whose lives you impact most directly, especially those you see everyday. Positive change happens when individuals are encouraged and enabled to get involved during elections. And on election day, the easiest way to create this positive change comes when employees get out and vote.


Think about this for a moment...


For more than 40 years, only about 50% of the total electorate has cast votes. Elections have been decided by small margins, often 55-45% or so. What does this mean?


It means presidents represent only 25% of the voting public. Give that a moment to sink in...


It also means about fifty percent of eligible voters didn’t cast a vote.  


Maybe it was disinterest. Maybe it was time. For many, the time limitations are due to work obligations. But whatever it was, we believe we can help change this trend.


Time is an easy change. Let’s face it, voting hours before and after an average work day can be a burden, especially where lines might be long. Making time for employees to vote can be done with a little creative thinking.


Disinterest can be changed too.  Not directly, mind you.  Nor should it be done directly.  But we believe employees who get involved in their communities will be more likely to want to vote.


Positive results come from positive actions.  


The members of Employers for VTO (voting time off) pledge to close on Election Day, November 8, 2016 to support their employees ability to participate in the election by voting. Additionally, we pledge to support each other with ideas on how to make this happen. 

Members of Employers for VTO come from around the United States and represent a diverse range of industries.  

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